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Big trouble in Iraq......again!

Iraq has been through some tough times, and it looks like they are in for more trouble as well

War in Iraq has been no stranger to the country, and especially within the last decade. The United States still has a small number of troops stationed in the country from the last war. Now, Iraq is in turmoil once more as a group called the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) attempts to control the country.

After the United States liberated the country from the strict and unlawful rule of Sadaam Hussein, the country faces the exact same issues as before the United States invasion. It is part political and part religion that creates Shiite and Sunni Muslims who disagree on ways of life. Muslims have key differences in their beliefs that cause them to side against each other. Some want a free country with a democratic twist, while some want to follow a much different belief system that follows the religion of Islam.

The problem is that innocent civilians are being forced to leave their homes due to the fighting. Even worse, the ISIS has been pushing in from the Syria / Iraq border to continually gain power and land. So Iraq needs help from other countries because their security forces and military are in poorly trained, and lack experience. It was said that some of the Iraq military fled the ISIS leaving their weapons and ammunition behind.

Now I am all for helping out other countries, but you can not help someone who does not want to help themselves. The United States must not commit more troops to a failing cause in the hopes that the country will turn around and achieve a united people and government. We have been there, and done that. It did not work, and other countries have already gotten involved in the mayhem. On June 24th Syrian jets were seen attacking targets on the Iraq / Syria border. I think the United States as well as other countries need to stand aside and let Iraq resolve its own issues. It is too costly both financial and otherwise to interfere with a country that needs to get on the right path themselves. They can not rely on help from other countries because even if they are led to water no one can make them drink it. What do you think?


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